Pelican Acres Maddy


DOB: 2/15/11

Color/Pattern: Buckskin with random white; Blue eyes

SIRE: Deb's Whisperwoods wk Diesel

DAM: Shere Country Ex Suri

Sire's Sire: MI SurgarCreek VL Tunes Walkman

Sire's Dam: Deb's Whisperwoods Cool Oprah

Dam's Sire: AGS Lost Valley KW Excaliber

Dam's Dam: Deb's Whisperwoods PG Beyoncé

Maddy's Dam: Shere Country Ex Suri

 Photo Courtesy of Karen Las

 Kiddings: 2012= 1 buckling

Kiddings: 2013= triplets- 2 bucks, 1 doe (one of the bucklings was DOA).

kiddings: 2014= triplets- 2 does 1 buck

Kiddings: 2015= triplets- 2 bucks 1 doe (one buckling was DOA)


Frostbitty AL Jade

DOB: 3/7/12

Coloring/Pattern: Buckskin w/white poll. Large moonspot on left shoulder.

DAM: Frostbitty Explosive

SIRE: Shere Country OB Alejandro

Grandparents: (Dam)- Fall Creek V Leila and Fall Creek RC Buddy. (Sire)- SilverAurora SB Xplicit and NC Promisedland RC Obama.

Kiddings: 2014= 1 buckling

Kidding:2015= 1 buckling

 Jades Dam "Explosive's" 2nd Freshener

Both images photo courtesy of Deanna at BAASI-FARMZ

 Jades Sire

2011 yearling appraisal: 86 (VVV) in structural categories. Alejandro received an excellent on rear legs and back. Very Good on head, front legs and feet. And Good Plus on shoulder assembly.


Pelican Acres Malia

DOB: 2/8/12

Coloring: Buckskin with white, blue eyes

DAM: Pelican Acres DSL Mia

SIRE: Pelican Acres Trapper

Grandparents: Sire- Tiny Hooves UFO Shelby and CH Heidi's Mini Acres Candy. Dam- Deb's Whisperwoods WK Diesel and Shere Country Ex Suri

Kidding: 2015= Twins doe and buck

Kidding: 2016

Babel Brook Acres Taylor

DOB: 3/24/12

Coloring/Pattern: black and brown buckskin w/ white

DAM: Babel Brook Acres MP Dinah

SIRE: Heidi's Mini Acres Tracker

Grandparents:(Dam): Twin Creeks WSF Megapixel 90E and MI Sugar Creek TS Virtuous. (Sire): Sugar Creek TW Venture A Look and GCH Heidi's Mini Acres Bell.

Kiddings: 2013-twins 1 doe 1 buck

Kiddings: 2014- twin doelings

Kiddings:2015-triplets. 2 does 1 buck

Kiddings: 2016                                                                                                                                                     

          Photo Courtesy of Heidi G. at Heid's Mini Acres

Above left is Taylors sire Mini Acres "Tracker"(photo courtesy of Julie Shere @ Shere Country Ranch). Right is rear udder of Trackers dam GCH Heidi's Mini Acres Bell.



Eagleton Oaks YKobe Odessa

DOB: 1/25/13

Color: Cou Clair

DAM: Dynamo Star Oasis

SIRE: Dynamo Wizard Ykobe

Grandparents: Dynamo Falcon Wizard and NC Promisedland MG Yenda. AGS Dynamo Rebel Starpower and Heidi's Mini Acres UFO Dots

Kidding: 2015= twin doelings

Kidding 2016

Frostbitty PKR Rosie

DOB: 3-1-13

Coloring: Most white with random gold markings. Blue eyes

DAM: AGS Muddy creek RW Panda

SIRE: Frostbitty B Pucker

Grandparents: AGS Kids Corral CVF Rewind and AGS Son Rise Ranch Finetyme Falinet AGS Fall Creek RC Buddy and Deb's Whisperwoods Gypsy.

Kidding: 2015= single doeling

Kidding= 2016