Tentative Kidding Schedule for 2015/16

 Doe Buck Due Date
145 days
 Pelican Acres Malia blue eyes  Pelican Acres LPD Tug O War 2/15/16  blue eyes and moonspots possible
 Pelican Acres Maddy blue eyes  MT Rivendell's HW Lucas
  blue eyes and moonspots possible
 Babel Brook Acres Taylor MT Rivendell's HW Lucas(polled, blue eyes)
 kidded 2/5/16  Triplets. 2 does one buck. All polled. 2 with blue eyes.  Polled Blue eyed buckling FOR SALE
 Frostbity AL Jade
 Pelican Acres LPD Tug O War

 kidded 12/25/15 (147 days)

 single moonspotted  buckskin buckling with white poll.  FOR SALE
  Frostbity PKR Rosie
MT Rivendell's Ive Been Mooned

blue eyes and moonspots possible


Kids sold out of first-freshening does will be $225-$300. Kids sold out of Mature does will be $300 and up, unless noted otherwise. Buck kids will be sold out of first-freshening does only if the dam meets our expectations. Otherwise the bucklings will be neutered at 8 weeks of age. Unregistered kids will be $125-150

Wethers will sell for $75 each. They make great companions for bucks and can be registered. We have a few wethers at our farm which we enjoy very much! They make wonderful pets that will be your best friend

A $100 non-refundable deposit will hold your already born kids for one month while shipping arrangements are made and payments are worked out. So once the deposit is received, it is non-refundable if you do not go through with the sale. The full purchase price is due at pick up time around 8 weeks of age. Any unreserved kid will be offered for sale on our sales page.  Reservations are free! If you are interested in any of our breedings, let us know in advance and we will notify you before we post the kids for sale. Kids will be dam raised, but I am willing to bottle feed by request. If bottle fed, we require them to be picked up by 4 weeks of age. We do have the right to retain any kids from any breeding.