Pelican Acres LPD Tug O War

DOB: Feb 2012

Color: buckskin with moonspots

DAM: Pelican Acres DSL Tinker

SIRE: Shere Country OB Leopold

Grandparents: Deb's Whisperwoods WK Diesel and Deb's Whisperwoods PG Beyonce + NC Promisedland RC Obama *S*B & MI Sugarcreek Yo Blue Yoko

Leopold sired quadruplets in June 2011!


Tinker won 3rd place at the St. Louis County Fair in 2011, and as a Junior at the 2010 ADGA Linear Appraisal she got Very Good General Appearance, Very Good Dairy Quality, Good Plus Body Capacity, and Very Good Overall Rating!


Mt Rivendell's Ive Been Mooned (aka Benny)

DOB: 2/17/13

Coloring: Black with Moonspots

DAM: Prairie Wood Jacqueline

SIRE: Old Mountain Farm Gilgamesh

Granparents: NC Promisedland SS Hot Stuff, Prairie Wood Sandia Sunset + Old Mountain Farm Mithra and AGS East Rivendell HK Laura P

MT Rivendell's HW Lucas


Coloring: Buckskin with lots of white. Polled and blue eyes

DAM: E-Farms PJ Tiny Bubbles

SIRE: Egidio Heart Wrangler

Granparents: Capriola RB Pepper Jack and C- Springs Bunnie Hop+ Lacados King of Hearts and Vikings CB Rhinestone Cowgirl